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Despite that “Gebi” is relatively new at the domestic and regional markets, we managed to place ourselves at the top of the domestic producers of animal feed.
We succeeded thanks to a clear vision of continuous development, good management, and effective realization of all the planned activities.

Of course, we are thankful to all of our partners and customers that helped in company growth by recognizing the quality of our products, responsibility and respectful deadlines.
The company is constantly increasing the number of employees and in the present day, we have around 300 workers at the main factory in Cantavir, 30 representatives in Serbia, 10 in BiH, 4 in Montenegro, and 1 for each Albania and Macedonia.
All of the representatives are supplying about 2500 retail outlets across the region, and by doing this they sell about 80% of our total production.
The rest part of the total production is being sold to livestock farms and households.
These numbers are good, but we are not satisfied with the achieved results because our aim is to continue to expand, to enrich the product line and to place ourselves firmly on the market.
All of these desires and goals are requiring continuous investments in the development of staff and improvement of production.

The results are visible from year to year because over the last few years we have increased the storage capacity of about 100 thousand tons of raw materials, we expanded the finished goods warehouse, built a modern silo park and finally, we managed to significantly expand the daily production capacity up to 1000 tons of different types of our products.
These improvements helped in the implementation of plans for growth in all segments.

Big impact in such a dynamic company development we owe to our individual manufacturers from our environment, with whom we cultivate neighborly partnership and friendly relationship.
Mutual respect and trust, of raw materials reception and delivery, is becoming larger every year.
Our biggest advantage is the fact that within 50 kilometers we can get all the materials for the production process.
Also, we offer services of corn and wheat storage in our modern and computerized silos, to all agricultural producers from the environment. In this way, their stock is in the safest place possible.
The introduction of innovative programs in our production is one of our trademarks.
Thanks to that we have established a line of production for pet food 7 years ago.
Distribution network for pet food is still continuing to grow, and we expect our progress to the very top of the regional market.
One of our top brands with growing demand from the consumers is “Backi Zlatnik”.
It is a wheat flour intended for human consumption that we sell to bakers from the region, and it comes in type 400 and type 500.
The plan is to expand the production of wheat to a free sale also, due to the high demand.

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